SG Chilicrab is the one-stop information centre for non-Singaporeans to receive customized solutions to make Singapore their ideal permanent residency, a second home.

SG Chilicrab is a subsidiary of Fei Fah Group, an established Singapore based business group. We are well-known for our high-end health care products and durian mooncakes, popular in Hong Kong consumer market. Our Ripple and Chui Lau Heung brands are recognized by the local community in the many markets of our business activities. Since SG Chilicrab establishment, we have successfully placed many students from Asia to study in Singapore educational institutions, served many corporations and individuals with immigration and asset allocation solutions.

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Brand Honors


2010 Singapore Entrepreneur Awards


2010 Hong Kong's Most Excellent Enterprise Award


2011 Hong Kong's Most Excellent Enterprise Award


Singapore Prestige Brand Award


2010 Singapore

50 Outstanding

Enterprise Award


2010 Hong Kong Famous Brand Gold Award Brand


2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Award

The CEO’s Message

My memory serves an interesting recollection of learning in humanity class during my freshman year in the US College. My professor intuitively asked the class to write a list of opposites like Black and White, Large and Tiny, Wet and Dry and more examples. This Western characteristic of opposites is similar to Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang; although different in characteristics, Yin and Yang have to co-exist to achieve the complete balance in the nature of life and the environment. Yin and Yang cannot independently be categorized as good nor bad, it is only with the right combination of Yin and Yang can achieve the harmonized balance of each character to enjoy the best result even if it is not the perfect result. The ability to communicate and co-exist with people, and understand other people’s minds, and do critical thinking, all of these things are valued elements in Yin and Yang.

This learning applies to the Singapore context. Singapore is the only country with big and daring dreams to achieve the impossible in this era, formulating the right balance to transform itself from a third world to the first world country in a generation span of 50 years, a transformation envied by the rest of the world. Most importantly, Singapore is constantly making itself as the ideal place for people of all races to fulfill their dreams in future.

The world is an interesting place for us to live and experience to the fullest. We have to constantly adapt ourselves to cope with the happenings around us in order to decide our preferred living environment and standard. Any myopic excuse will lead to complacency and limit ourselves to our comfort zones without the defined goals for accomplishment; we have the ability to achieve more in life in a country full of chances.

Time passed without us knowing our consequence of actions, time does not have any recourse for making the wrong decision right.

Our responsibility is to present ourselves with an unbiased judgment of the world and a good knowledge of current affairs. The world is fast changing with daily problems, to find the right and ideal living place is an important decision and not a choice.

Singapore has always opened the doors to global talents to live in this modern metropolitan, contributing to her success and enjoy the harmony living among different cultures. The world is confident to her success in many years to come.