羅冠洲 Lawrence Lau

Mr. Lawrence Lau, a top advisor in the Team, is an international entrepreneur based locally with a wide range of experience in the Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia market. Born and raised in Singapore, he has in-depth knowledge of Singapore's strength and economy. Having lived in Hong Kong for 32 years, he is well aware of clients’ needs in Hong Kong. Mr. Luo pursued his education in the United States, and his extensive travelling around the world, have given him great exposure and has established good contacts that enable him to tighten gaps and build bridges with his customers. He is also able to identify and take advantage of Singapore's present and future strengths to best serve our clients’ interest.


A Singaporean and Hong Kong permanent resident, has developed a strong sense of belonging in Hong Kong. Embrace with Hong Kong vibrant socio-economic cultures and acute entrepreneur mindset, he has built up his business successfully in a short span of two decades. His company mission is to create breakthrough products and services for the Hong Kong consumers to accompany them in their life stages and moments, whenever happy or sad. The company food products bring happiness to families and friends joyous reunion and capture the memories with the same taste.


Nurtured and self-made successful in Hong Kong, he loves Hong Kong and the people of Hong Kong.

Project Manager

胡青科 Mr. Hu Qing Ke

Project Manager in-charge of specialized programs for immigrantion applications. He graduated with a Master Degree in Business Administration (UK) and has good knowledge in Singapore education system. As the lead consultant, he has helped many clients in their applications successfully and arranged education institution visits, enrollments, family interaction with the institution and related educational assistance services. A strong believer in “Clients’ First” service, he has won many clients’ trust and recognition for successful immigration integration into Singapore educational environment.

Why choose SG Chilicrab?

  • SG Chilicrab is a one-stop centre for professional services in Immigration, Asset Migration, CRS Tax Planning and Educational Planning in Singapore. Our team of experienced consultants are specialized in offering customized immigration solutions to accommdate different clients’ request based on their background and situation. Diligence and dedicaton are the pre-requisite to achieve high rate of challenging and successful immgration cases.

  • Immigration for the purpose of education and investment? Xin Hai is the first choice for immigration consultancy services in terms of clients application evaluation, visa application, arrival pick-up, accommodation, companion or escort, education institution visit, real estate property evaluation and to render any assistance for specific requests. Our commitment and assurance to clients to provide the best service for their trust is always our priority.

  • International students have access to services like accommodation management, regular cleaning and private tutors. The tutors will contstantly update parents with their childrens’ studies and activities. The students are encouraged to establish healthy social networks and participate in outdoor activites to build social relationships which will enrich their social life and spiritually.

  • We have forged strong partnership with listed financial institutions and real estate developers in Singapore; OCBC, DBS, AXA, Far East Group (FAR EAST) and CDL. Our strategic cooperation with these first-rate companies will enable us to provide professional advice to clients in the area of loan applications, bank account opening, real estate property purchase and investment related matters.


Singapore professonal agency for immigration and educational institutions enrollment services including application to famous colleges and all types of visa application with high success cases.

Bulter Style Service

We provide bulter style service from starting advisory consultantion to the end with prompt and regular follow up on all applications cases.

Customization Portfolio

Our consultants will evaluate each applicants’ characteristics in personality traits to communicate effectively and avoid mis-understanding in the proposed application.

Professiona Consultants

Professional one-stop services include educational enrollment, real estate property evaluation and overseas asset allocation.


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